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Pavex SBA
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Pavex SBA
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Pavex SBA

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Pavex SBA is supplied as a solvent based 100% pure acrylic masonry sealer (Polymethyl-Methacrylate). Pavex SBA has been designed specifically for the West Australian conditions. It will protect your pavers not only from fading caused by UV damage from our harsh summer sun, but also from high traffic and permanent staining caused by oil, food, drink and harsh reactive chemicals.

The secret to Pavex SBA is its hardness. When applied, it creates a durable and extremely strong protective barrier permanently bonded to the pavers. Unlike other less dense sealers that soak in and quickly wear away, Pavex SBA gives you an impenetrable surface that combines two major functions, protecting and beautifying.

It enhances colours, gives old pavers a new lease of life and preserves the colours of new bricks.

Pavex SBA is clearer than glass, unaffected by Infra Red and Ultra Violet radiation and chemical resistant, because Pavex SB Acrylic has a Tg (softening temperature) of 122° celsius. It is over 3 times harder than most other sealers sold throughout Australia today.

The other advantages of using Pavex SBA are:

  • It strengthens soft masonry surfaces;
  • As a water repellent coating around swimming pools, it inhibits salt/chlorine damage;
  • Once sealed the colour oxides are unable to be washed out or fade;
  • Treated surfaces have a much cleaner and greatly increased surface life;
  • Even in problematic masonry, Pavex SBA greatly reduces and suppresses efflorescence; and
  • Pavex SBA makes it easy to remove calcium and rust such as bore water stains.


Pavex SBA is suitable for:

  • BGC Blokpave
  • Apian
  • Atlas
  • Boral Besser
  • Midland Stylestone
  • Archistone (high sheen)
  • Flynnstone (high sheen)
  • Liquid Limestone
  • Limestone Pavecrete
  • Lumeah Limestone
  • Sahara Stone (high sheen)
  • Stone Age
  • Summerstone
  • Country Earth
  • Sun Stone
  • Rare Earth
  • Reconstituted limestone
  • Poured limestone (high sheen)
  • Polished concrete (High sheen)
  • Grout sealer
  • Terracotta Tiles
  • High Porosity Surfaces

Important: This product is not suitable for clay


Pavex SBA can be easily applied by the home handy-person, or by one of our approved applicators.

The surface should be high pressure cleaned for the removal of all dirt and stains, even if the pavers are new. Cleaning with detergent will also remove the oily release agent used in the moulds during manufacture. Allow to dry for at least 3 days before applying sealer.

Ensure no rain is forecast for 24hrs after application.

The product can be applied by brush, roller or airless spray only. (Roller is preferred). A brand new high quality 25mm NAP roller is recommended.


Pavex SBA applied to porous paving will on average cover 2.5m2 per litre, which is inclusive of 2 coats.


Brushes and rollers will wash up with Pavex Thinners.