About Us

Ceramica Coatings was established in 1998 operating from Belmont, Western Australia. In 2002, the company moved to a larger manufacturing facility based in Malaga, WA.

The company manufactures a range of long life quality sealants designed specifically for the Australian harsh conditions. Ceramica supplies a choice of both water and solvent based acrylic/silicon sealants. The sealant will protect your pavers, not only from fading caused by UV radiation, but also from permanent staining. When applied, it creates a durable and extremely strong protective barrier permanently bonded to the pavers. Our sealants give you an impenetrable surface that combines two major functions, protecting and beautifying.

Some of the qualities of our product are outlined below:

  • Protection against staining from food, drinks, oils and rubber scuff;
  • Colour enhancement;
  • Hard wearing;
  • Non-yellowing from UV radiation;
  • 5-7 years working life;
  • Inhibits weed, fungal and moss growth;
  • Reduces the nuisances associated with ants' nests;
  • Treated surfaces are easier to keep clean;
  • As a water repellent coating around swimming pools, it inhibits salt/chlorine damage;
  • Greatly reduces the likelihood of efflorescence; and
  • Ease of removal of bore stains.

Our team of dedicated, experienced and highly professional applicators ensure that your sealing job is done on time and to the highest standards of application.

We are so sure of your satisfaction that we offer a five-year guarantee on all our products - if your bricks and pavers fade or weather during this time, we will reapply the sealant at no cost to you!

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